Montag, 14. Oktober 2013

Twist-case - Tutorial

Ab und an schreibe ich für den Blog des Eigenwerk-Magazins kleine Posts. Da es die deutsche Version des Artikels also schon hier gibt, bleibt der Rest des heutigen Posts meinen englisch-sprachigen Lesern vorbehalten. 

Every now and then I write a post for the blog of the German online zine "Eigenwerk". As I want my English speaking readers to share the pleasure you get my articles on my blog in English then.

My grandma asked me to get her a little bag for her medicaments as a birthday gift. "Time for a DIY!" I told myself and busy I got. I liked the outcome so much I decided to share the how-to with you.

You'll need:
  • some fabric scraps
  • a closed-ended zipper (length of your case)
  • fabric scissors
  • pins
  • sewing machine and matching thread
  • alternatively needle and thread (it's a quick project that can be done by hand as well)

Let's go!
Decide which fabrics you'd like to have for the outer shell and which for the lining!
Cut out two smaller rectangles for the outer lining ( I made them A5) and one double size (A4 for me then) for the lining!
Put rectangles for outer shell right sides together, pin them, top-stitch the sides and the bottom! Leave the top open! Now trim the edges with a zigzag-stitch!
Fold lining right sides together, top-stitch over the sides, trim the edges!
Leave outer shell and lining inside out, fold the top edge approx. 1cm to the outside. Press and top-stitch! Attention: Don't close the top!
Turn outside of the outer shell out; leave lining inside out and put it in the outer shell!
Now we come to the twist: Pull at the middle of both sides of the opening and press the corners. You now hold a triangle-thingy in your hands.
Lay one side of the zipper between outer shell and lining, fix with pins! Insert zipper foot in your sewing machine and top-stitch over the first side of the opening! Open your zipper, and do same thing on the other side. You might find it tricky to reach the end of the zipper with your sewing machine! If so, finish it off by hand!

And, uhm, well, you're done! Hooray!
And now say "Thank you" to my grandma who inspired me to make this case ;)