Sonntag, 6. November 2011

30°C (output)

It was an awesome day yesterday. Sun, beach, BBQ and a brief photosession... The Sky-Shirt, the orange panties and the striped top are all done with selfmade patterns. And finally I managed to find a cheap fabric store in Melbourne with pretty good quality fabrics.
Doesn´t the shirt look like a piece of sky itself? and believe me: it feels like it as well! It´s such a light and soft fabric... When it wasn´t about all the sweating under the boiling sun, I would never ever take it off again.

Uhoo, now as I figuered out, how to do panties, I can use all my leftover fabrics.
Did the top this week, too. I also made a skirt on Wednesday, but hey,I simply can´t take a suitcase on my bike to the beach... 
Friends back home in Germany: Don´t let the autumn get you! Enjoy the extra portion of colour and sun you receive from this blog. What kind of clothes do you wear or make at the moment? Warmer stuff I reckon ;o)