Samstag, 26. November 2011

Library shooting (Output)

I know, Iknow... I promissed the pictures last week already. But now, finally, here they are! As it´s raining cats and dogs and my third big passion after sewing and drawing is reading, we decided to set the photoshooting in the St. Kilda library. And it makes me looking quite intellectual as well, doesn´t it?
By the way: one of my housemates called me Maggie Simpson when I went out in my yellow tights.

 The dress is made of wonderful jersey and it feels sooo good!!!

The skirt comes with pockets, a petticoat, lace and a zip at the side.
The dress and the skirt are done with self made patterns.
Yippie ya yeah, sewing and wearing self made clothes makes me happy!

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