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Die Reise ist geplant, das Auto vollgetankt und die Taschen sind gepackt. Doch irgendwie beschleicht dich so ein ungutes Gefühl, du hättest irgendetwas ganz essenzielles vergessen. Hm, mal überlegen: Was ist denn noch wichtiger als genügend Wechselschlüpfer, die Zahnbürste und das Handy-Ladegerät… ? Na klar, der passende Soundtrack für deine Reise!!!

The journey is planned, the car tanked up, your bag is packed and you're ready to go. But suddenly there's this little whisper in your head: "Didn't you forget something essential?" Well, let's see. What could be possibly more important then enough knickers, your toothbrush and the recharger... ? Right, the fitting soundtrack for your trip!!! 

Damit dieser auch in einem schönen wilden, frischen, sommerlichen Look daher kommt, gibt es dieses kleine Tutorial von mir. Ach, und übrigens ist das auch eine super Geschenkidee.

Because you definitely want it to look wild, fresh and summery here's a little tutorial on how to create your own CD case. (BTW: It's a good present, too...)

Alle deutschen Leser können die Anleitung jetzt in Landessprache auf der Eigenwerkseite lesen :)

You'll need:
  • a blank CD
  • cardboard
  • black paper
  • marbled paper > You can make this easily on your own: Fill a bucket up with water, drip some marbling ink on it, lay a sheet of paper on the surface, take off, let dry!
  • pencil
  • brush
  • scissors 
  • steel ruler
  • box knife
  • compasses
  • cutting board
  • double sided tape
  • paper glue
  • folding stick 

Now prepare paper and cardboard according to the sketches! All sizes refer to centimeters.

Two cardboard squares

Fashion the lining from the black paper!
Fashion the binding from the marbled paper!
Also fashion the CD cover from the marbled paper! 

The pictures might appear pretty small on this page. But if you follow this link you'll get bigger sketches and you can also download them.

When making the CD cover proceed in the following way:
Construct circles with the compasses on the right side of the paper and cut out roughly. Turn around and cover the back side with double sided tape. Cut out neatly and stick cover onto CD. 

Now cover the cardboard with marbled paper:

Prefold paper on the marked folding edges. This goes nice and smoothly when you trace the lines really lightly with the box knife beforehand.
Now brush paper glue on the cardboard. Brush the same direction as the paper fibres go!
Press with the folding stick from the outside.
Cut off corners. Cut in lightly in the area of the spine and fold inside. When cutting off the corners, make sure you leave as much paper as needed to cover the cardboard edges. This depends on how thick your cardboard is.
Brush paper glue on the folding edges, fold inside and press them with the folding stick.

The case is ready for the lining now:
Brush paper glue on the cardbooard covers. Lay black paper on top. Press with the folding stick. Make sure you get no waves! 
Fold the folding edges of the protruding part inside and cover with thin strips of double sided tape.
Finally fold the prodruding part inside and press on lightly. This way you create a pocket for the CD.

Well, we're done! YAY!!!
Which songs should be definitely on your personal soundtrack?

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